Carried out by our team of experienced project engineers, FMS can provide engineering solutions to meet client demands and comply with nominated recognised codes.

First Marine Solutions has a range of software available for the assessment of mooring systems. Available suites are but not limited to GMOOR32 & Orcaflex.
GMOOR32D simulates the behaviour of catenary moored vessels and analyses the performance of the mooring system. This program can perform quasi-static analysis, frequency domain line dynamics analysis, frequency domain or time domain low frequency motions analysis and time-domain transient analysis.

Orcaflex is the world’s leading software package for design and analysis of flexible risers and mooring systems.
With over 20 years of development, Orcaflex is now the most widely used package in the offshore industry for analysis of flexible risers from offshore production platforms and tanker loading buoys, cable lay, installation of subsea equipment, oceanographic moorings, pull-in analysis, etc.

FMS has carried out analyses for locations around the globe to meet API, DNV and ISO criteria from simple, shallow, open locations to congested, deep (>1600m) locations over live assets. Experience in dealing with complex issues such as minimum clearance (vertical and horizontal) along with gangways can also be included in our mooring analysis projects. Major examples of mooring studies undertaken include; Songa Mercur (Cuba and Vietnam) for Songa Offshore, Ocean Nomad (UKCS) for Senergy and Maersk Discoverer (Salamat 1B and GEB East, Egypt) for Maersk Drilling.

FMS also have the capability to carry out Riser Analysis to API criteria using specialist software. Given environmental and vessel motion data, FMS can establish operating limits, stresses in riser strings and many other parameters for drilling and production platforms in order ensure our studies are as comprehensive as possible.

Mooring Analysis 1

Mooring Analysis 2