FMS owns and operates one of the most modern fleet of spooling machines in the UK

FMS’s fleet of spooling machines in the UK, comprises 2 each 75t, 2 each 150t along with various coilers and turntables, capable of handling up to 150 tonnes of wire or fibre rope on a single reel.

These spoolers are designed to rotate reels of wire and fibre rope. There are two removable shafts of different diameters that support the reel through a hole in the centre. The shaft acts like an axle. The unit can accept reels up to 150 Tonnes in weight.

The winch can accept reels of various dimensions. The unit is equipped with 3 sizes of shaft, 5”, 7”, & 9” in Diameter. These diameters can be tailored to suit differing reel bores via project specific adaptors.

The end pedestal is bolt-able and can be easily moved along the base frame to accommodate any width of reel up to a maximum of 3750mm.

The reel is directly driven by a Hagglunds Viking Hydraulic Motor, with a bi-directional braking system operating on the motor casing.

Spooler 1